Ukraine sunflower oil association

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Ukraine sunflower oil association

The deliveries of goods are made by trucks, railway wagons, containers, flexitanks, and bulk vessels. Our Products Grain. Ukraine is a leader in the processing of grain and production of sunflower oil. Favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil create the best conditions for growing crops. The centuries-old tradition of farming allows growing millions of tons of crops of the highest quality. Ukraine is the world's third largest producer of barley. Excellent geographic location close to a number of countries in Europe and Asia, as well as direct access to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov made Ukraine a major player in international agricultural trade.

Ukraine sunflower oil exports jump 73% so far in 2019/20 -APK-Inform

Ukraine is crossed by several navigable rivers. Maritime industry in Ukraine is presented by extensive network of sea and river ports. Our specialization is the worldwide trade of products directly from manufacturers. Our experience in manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products has made our company an active participant in the international trade. State and private mills and manufacturers, farmers, traders in Ukraine are our partners. Cooperation with silos, cargo handling terminals, grain complexes and trade ports of various forms of ownership allows us to preserve the quality of the goods and ship them to our customers in shortest time span possible.

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Expansive network of roads, railways, inland waterways and seaways makes it possible to deliver products in any part of the world. Qualified personnel of our company can answer any your question about product specifications, manufacturing process, shipping terms, and payment procedures to provide products of the best quality at very competitive prices.

How We Work Our experience in manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products has made our company an active participant in the international trade.Common information and world market In current season Ukraine obtained another record-high sunflower seeds harvest at about Ukrainian production drives up the whole world market. In current season total sunflower oil production in the world is estimated at slightly higher than 17M tons, general dynamics during last years is represented on the following chart along with Ukrainian production figures : It is estimated that in current season Ukraine will account for one-third of total world production and for more than a half of total world export of sunflower oil.

These countries are main importers of vegetable oils in general, so global demand is largely dependent on them.

Sunflower seeds growing in Ukraine During last decade both sown area for sunflower seeds and yields in Ukraine are growing, summary table is represented below: Year Harvest area, k ha Yield per 1 ha, tons Total harvest, k tons 3 1. On the other side normal crops rotation practices imply that suflowers can be sown on the same land once in 5 years at most better once in 7 years. Some Ukrainian farmers, focused mainly on short-term profitability rather than long-term sustainable development so just trying to get more income with less inputsincrease sunflower seeds sown area disregarding crop rotation principles and even general common sense.

Main negative consequences regarding such practices are decrease of moisture levels in the soil and worsening of the soil structure. In addition crops become more susceptible to some type of pests and weeds, so even in short-term yields fall while costs grow.

It means that taking into account dynamics during last years potential for sunflower seeds sown area increase is almost exhausted. Increase of total harvest can be possible only in case of yields growth. We believe it can take place in Ukraine, though in any case process is not linear and rate of growth can not be as high as it was since mids. According to some estimations official statistics understates real volume of production some sources estimate total output even at above 14M tons.

In any case positive for Ukrainian farmers was the fact that they were able to fully harvest sunflower seeds crop till mid-November when showfalls started in Ukraineso that there have been almost no losses of crop.

Sunflower seeds prices As for sunflower seeds prices dynamics, several years ago because of crops pressure, lack of storage facilities and necessity to repay working capital loans and trade payables, Ukrainian farmers sold main part of sunflower seeds crop in short of time after harvesting. In such case purchasing price declined after harvesting works and gradually recovered thereafter.

Holdings data Data for sunflower seeds sown area and yields of largest Ukrainian public agri-holdings is represented in the following table: Season est MHP Sown area, ha 67 57 49 38 Yield per 1 ha, tons 3. Yield per 1 ha is generally higher than average value for Ukraine. We note that despite Kernel and MHP are highly dependent on sunflower seeds origination for their crushing businesses main crop rotation principles during last years have been mostly fulfilled.

This measure significantly stimulated development of domestic crush in Ukraine. Both local and international companies Cargill, Bunge, ADM constructed new oilseeds crushing plants in Ukraine and started trading with Ukrainian sunflower oil on international market. As a result total volume of sunoil production during last years depended solely on raw materials availability. Largest completed projects of new oilseeds crushing capacities construction in Ukraine during last years have been as follows: in Y group Allseeds launched new oilseeds crushing plant with total capacity of 2.

EU to ease import conditions for sunflower oil from Ukraine

Despite increase of sunflower seeds harvest during last years driven by good demand from crushersas processing capacities growth rate is higher, competition on the market for sunflower seeds from crushers side is growing, bringing down margins of sunflower oil producers.

Below we present EBITDA margin of oilseeds processing segment of the largest Ukrainian producer Kernel: We also note that as after starting of full-scale geopolitical and economic crisis in Ukraine in Y, banks significantly reduced working capital credit lines to crushers, which somewhat reduced competition as some crushers could not obtain necessary for their activity funding, so reduced volume of production and positively influenced margins.

As a result, competition increased again, margins - declined. According to information of latifundist.

We also expect that Allseeds Group is to be definitely present in the list of TOP producers of the last year.Ukrainians have always loved flowers. Flowers fill the yards of village houses, and are woven into wreaths venki for girls to wear at celebrations. Sunflower Love Sunflowers sunyashniki are especially loved in Ukrainewhere golden fields of them face the sunrise in the east. A wreath venki woven from sunflowers Photo credit: Luba Rudenko. Sunflower Backstory Sunflowers made their way to Ukraine through the efforts of the early explorers of North America, where it was one of only a few native food crops along with squash, blueberries and pecans.

The Orthodox Church comes into the story because during Lent, believers were not supposed to use butter or lard for cooking. Since sunflower oil was a fairly recent arrival, there were no specific restrictions on its use.

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Sunflower culture took off. By the s, there were big fields of them all over Ukraine and western parts of Russiaand people were chewing the seeds and spitting out the shells. In the s, when the world began to turn away from trans-fats, the new sunflower oil quickly became popular — especially for frying potato chips — and even more fields were planted. Today this versatile crop covers huge swathes of central Ukrainebringing joy, beauty, symbolism, and snacks to the people of Ukraine — and the world — by way of the ever-powerful energy of the sun.

Cheerful sunflowers dot the landscape in Ukraine Photo credit: Luba Rudenko. Chat with one of our destination specialists by email or by phone at to start planning your travels today.

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As the prime minister announces the country has reached the peak of coronavirus infections, the political gloves are coming off. Exports of sunflower oil from Ukraine to the EU will stopped at the border as of tomorrow 23 May until Ukraine can confirm that it is carrying out strict controls on all sunflower oil exports, a Commission spokesperson confirmed on 22 May. The Commission is seeking specific guarantees from the authorities in Kiev that there will be no repeat of the incidents that triggered the move, the discovery of shipments of sunflower oil contaminated by a hydrocarbon oil.

The export ban set to come into force tomorrow will be lifted once the Commission has assurances that Ukrainian border authorities are enforcing strict criteria, including stepping up controls on exports and stamping export cargos with certificates assuring their quality, a source within the EU said. EU food safety authorities were told in April that a 40, tonne cargo of contaminated sunflower oil shipped from Ukraine into a French port had been split into several batches and re-exported to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and other areas in France.

The mineral oil these sunflower oil exports contained is usually marketed as baby oil and is for external use only. Bohdan Danylyshyn, the Ukrainian economics minister, and Peter Mandelson, the trade commissioner, are due to meet in Brussels on 26 May to discuss the issue.

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ukraine sunflower oil association

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The "Neptune Company" is the only domestic manufacturer of chewing gum for children with stickers and tattoos for over 15 years in Ukraine. The company's products are certified in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.

ukraine sunflower oil association

Manufacturing has a complete technological cycle of manufacturing line of chewing gum, comprising a preparatory forming and filling and packaging equipment manufactured by the German company Gabler and Pak Tek. Taste quality Swiss made Switzerlandon the Belgian technology in the Turkish manner.Early in July this year the European Commission in agreement with Member States decided to relax special imports conditions currently applicable to sunflower oil originating from Ukraine.

According to the Commission, the decision of easing the level of import surveillance on sunflower oil from Ukraine is justified by the absence of notifications reported through the Rapid Alert System for Feed and Food RASFF over the past few years. This means that national enforcement authorities will still be able to target consignments of Ukrainian sunflower oil in the context of routine checks at EU borders or in the market.

The following paragraphs provides a brief account of a the events that led to the adoption of EU emergency measures concerning the imports in question as well as of b the import procedures that had to be followed till recently. Paraffin oils are petroleum products used in a variety of industry sectors ranging from food production to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and engineering.

Paraffin oil is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Consulted on the potential risks ensuing from the contamination, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA pointed out that, taking into account human exposure estimates and the fact that the analysis detected a mineral oil of a high viscosity type, exposure levels, although undesirable, did not constitute a health concern.

Nevertheless, given that the source of contamination could not be identified with certainty, competent authorities in Member States ordered the withdrawal from the market of contaminated sunflower oil and other food containing it. The FVO team found that the Ukrainian authorities had undertaken adequate measures to prevent the contamination of sunflower oil destined to EU import.

Yet, investigations carried out by the Ukrainian authorities could not reveal the source of the contamination, mainly because of lack of official sampling and subsequent follow-up. In order to ensure performance of sampling in accordance with the relevant EU provisions i. Both documents must be duly signed by an authorised representative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Furthermore, business operators must give prior notification to the first point of entry in the EU, specifying estimated date and time of arrival of the consignment Article 3. In terms of control activities, competent authorities in Member States must check that all incoming consignments intended for import are accompanied by the required documents. In order to ensure that relevant products do not contain unacceptable levels of mineral paraffin, national enforcement authorities are as well required to carry out physical inspectionsincluding sampling and analysis, on a random basis Article 4.

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ukraine sunflower oil association

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ukraine sunflower oil association

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The leaders in the supply of fat-and-oil products from Ukraine are three large companies: Kernel, Cargrill and Creative.

As of AugustUkraine produced 3. Thus, our country remained the leader in sales of this product. The undisputed leader in the volume of supplies was Kernel.

It is this company that has processed and exported thousand tons of products abroad. In this season, the company produced and sold The reason for the rapid rise was the introduction in of an oil extraction plant capable of processingtons of products during the year.

Transnational company Cargrill closes the top three. The price conjuncture in the foreign market also promises to be difficult: the production of fat and oil products in the world will reach These figures show the undeniable growth of the domestic economy and the industry as a whole.

Kaissa Oil has become a victim of fraudsters. We have become aware of the illegal use of our trademark, name and logos of our company. When drawing up commercial offers, letters or contracts for the supply of sunflower oil, fraudsters use symbols similar to the corporate symbols of the Kaissa group. The actions of such organizations are fraudulent and are aimed at receiving an advance payment without further shipment of sunflower oil.

They also offer to make prepayment to the accounts of fraudsters. Kaissa Oil has no representative offices outside Ukraine. Website: kaissaoil. Order call. The ten largest Ukrainian suppliers of sunflower oil. Read more about leaders The undisputed leader in the volume of supplies was Kernel. Forecasts for the upcoming season promise to be difficult for producers, because prices for sunflower have declined significantly.


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