Yildiz 12 gauge pump

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Yildiz 12 gauge pump

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Common as stars in the night sky, powerful as a runaway freight train, with usefulness only surpassed by duct tape, the pump-action shotgun is truly a mythical beast. The mere click-clack of its slide racking has been known to scare home-intruding dunderheads so severely as to pipeline them straight from crime into missionary work.

12 Affordable Pump-Action Shotgun Options

Truly, this gun can turn water into wine. As far as firearms go, few surpass the versatility of the iconic pump-action shotgun. From birds on the wing to deer in the field, perhaps no other gun boasts such wide-reaching hunting applications. Suffice to say, in practiced hands, few firearms are as devastating as a pump-action in close quarters. Luckily, given their general affordability, many of these are also considered among the best in class.

There is a host of reasons why this style of scattergun has remained among the most popular firearms of all time. Reliability: The pump-action is renowned for its ruggedness. Even when dirty the gun will cycle as long as you can work the slide.

The same cannot be said of many semi-auto shotguns.

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Very generally speaking, this ballpark is big enough to cover most hunting to home defense applications. Simplicity: As far as repeating arms go, the pump-action is fairly intuitive to operate and, outside of malfunctions, simple to troubleshoot. Yes, you need a little mechanical know-how to maintain it, but perhaps less so than a gas-operated semi-auto shotgun. Versatility: As mentioned before, few guns boast both bird and deer-bagging capabilities. From a defensive standpoint, when it comes to load selection, you also have a wide spectrum of options at hand to match your circumstances.

You should consider some of challenges that come with the pump-action shotgun. Reloading: Defensively speaking, this is one of the main challenges of the gun and takes a good deal of time to master under stress. Malfunctions: From failure to extract to double feed, you bet the pump-action shotgun can jam. To become fully proficient, expect to spend time learning how to address these stoppages.

Yet, the recoil sensitive find it troublesome. This is less of an issue now, given the gauge options available. If all you had was an Express, you could consider yourself well-armed for nearly any hunt. Much of this reliability comes from the twin-action bar design of the pump-action shotgun, a bit of engineering that has set the standard. In addition to eminent configurability, the scattergun also has a couple of chambering options outside gauge—including. Mossberg All Purpose: Proven in the field and a solid investment, the much-beloved All-Purpose will definitely put meat on the table.

Pretty plain Jane on the outside, but it has it where it counts. CZ has you covered with these nifty and gauge options. While its cousin the Mossberg is considered one of the princes of pump-action shotguns, from a defensive standpoint the Tactical has a decisive edge. Additionally, the gauge comes decked out with a number of other excellent features: heavy-walled barrel, 3-inch chamber, steel trigger guard, heat shield, ghost-ring rear sight, corn-cob fore-end and sling swivels.

Essentially, you can tailor the to your particular needs. The Tactical 9-shot runs a bit larger than some other defensive models.In this subreddit you'll find varying discounts on your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite firearms, accessories, and related equipment. Love it In all that time, I believe it has only had two failure to ejects, and on those, I opened the gun slowly, which could have contributed.

Shoots great, is light weight would recommend a better recoil padand mine still looks basically new. Very well balanced and good looking shotgun.

yildiz 12 gauge pump

A step up from the Stoeger and Tristar offerings. Obviously not a Beretta or Browning but a great value at this price. Why is this? What makes this Turkish gun better than those other, seemingly also decent guns? I've used the Stoeger competition utilitarian but nice looking and it seemed like a pretty good gun.

Based on the reviews the Yildiz has a little better reputation. Not huge it's probably a toss up between the alloy Yildiz and the Condor.

Shotgun Gun Manufacturers

Mainly the steel receiver is a big plus over the alloy models which are the same price as this sale. I've heard more problems with the Stevens than either of them. Hadn't seen it at this price. The CZ break actions are made by Huglu in Turkey, so then you're back to trying to compare the quality of these guys based on all 3 manufacturers having short histories in the US.

Back in the day this niche was dominated by Russian makers like Baikal. The story repeats itself. They're all worth roughly what you pay for them. Yeah it's hard to know if the CZ's are actually better or if it's just CZ fanboyism bleeding over. They do cost twice as much normally, so I'd assume they're better based on that. They have the Drake which is pretty cheap. Haven't seen it in person.

I've seen the SCTP special one, and a couple of the ornate side by sides. They all looked nicer than a Baikal or Stoeger. I'd really need to see one after a couple pallets of trap ammo to make a real comment on the value though. They go for every year on Black Friday.

I've got the Condor. I think it's steel but I could be wrong. Great gun, with a little better recoil pad. But I've shot the Yildiz for over rounds at a skeet competition sponsored gun for the event and it performed rather well.Welcome to Field and Streams's Answers section. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Field and Stream, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ for information on posting and navigating the forums. And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on fieldandstream.

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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Top Ad. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Tags: None. Red Salas. Comment Post Cancel. Ga hunter. I've barely even heard of that shotgun so I can't tell you any opinions on it but for that price you could buy a good Remington Most of the reviews I've seen have said it a good gun, it just kicks like a mule.

I would also like to see what people have heard about it. I bought a 20 gauge for my Dad for being the best man in my wedding. Pretty good shooting gun. The 20 kicks harder than most of the 12's I have, but it is nothing unmanagable.

I looked at it, a Stoeger, and a New England Arms and it was my favorite. Anybody else know any thing about the Yildiz's? Anybody else know anything about the Yildiz. I have an over and under and an automatic both in 12 gage. I am VERY pleased with both of mine and would recommend them to anyone on a budget. Nothey are not made like the 2, I think the gun is not very good for hunting!! It will Jam and the tigger locks up. I recently bought one for duck hunting and I hate it! I would not recommend getting this type of gun.This choke tube by Trulock is much needed when you want to create a design in your muzzle.

yildiz 12 gauge pump

The Tru Lock Shotgun Choke Tube was specially designed and manufactured by professionals who know exactly what you need and want out of your tools. When you're doing changes on your piece you want to make sure you have exactly what you need; you want to make sure you have Tru-Lock Precision Hunter Choke Tube. Please email us at techsales opticsplanet. Yes, you would want to pick a choke between cylinder bore and improved modified.

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Choke Type: Cylinder Gauge: Choke Type: Skeet 2 lite mod Gauge: Choke Type: Cylinder Ported Gauge: Choke Type: Modified Gauge: Choke Type: Extra Full Gauge: Choke Type: Improved Cylinder Gauge: Choke Type: Full Gauge: Choke Type: Skeet 1 Gauge: Choke Type: Turkey Gauge: Finding a balanced over-under shotgun to suit your needs for hunting, trap shooting, and home defense can be tricky.

We hoped that the budget price was not an indicator of a low performance. As it turns out, this gun succeeds and fails on a few different accounts. The name Yildiz traces back to a small neighborhood in Turkey, holding a population of about 6, people. A quick search turns up minimal listings for sales, but they are still available if you know where to look.

Yildiz tests their shotguns before passing them on to each customer.

yildiz 12 gauge pump

They use both game shooting and pressure testing cartridges before releasing each gun to the public. They also use target accuracy tests at specific intervals to ensure maximum performance. An e-mail from Yildiz states that their only carrier through the U. You can also try your luck with GunBroker. The cost in the United Kingdom, where Yildiz has a much wider market presence, is over British pounds. It contains protective sleeves for the barrels and the fore-end, along with the same protection for the action, stock, and the included accessories.

At least those who are targeted specifically at skeet and trap shooters. The appearance and color for the stock, with its walnut finish, remind us of other shotguns. This shotgun weighs only about 8 pounds, which is perfect for an extended session at the gun club.

Everything You Need to Know About Yildiz SPZ ME/12

You could even use it several in a row while on a shooting excursion with your friends. When we dropped the comb to the lowest setting, we found a decrease of about two inches total. Not a bad shift. The length of the trigger pull came in around 14 inches, assisted by a firm buttpad that performed well. And thanks to the longer fore-end, you have plenty of grip options to do what you want with your forward hand. As you know, the lockwork consists of how the trigger, hammer, and main springs are mounted.

That comes right below the sears, found suspended from the top of the frame. The action body is entirely comprised of steel, which makes this great for longer-lasting weapons.

yildiz 12 gauge pump

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